Use ManageRight to submit electronic orders for temporary workers.

Access ManageRight here:

You should have received an email from ManageRight or from Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) with a temporary password. Your username is usually your work email address.

On your first attempt to login, you'll need to create a new password of your choosing, along with a security question and answer.

Contact DWS at if you have tried to reset your password and are still not able to login to ManageRight.

How to Enter an Order for Temporary Workers

From your Home screen click on the Create New arrow and Temp Order in the drop down.

Most of your information should already populate based on information from your user profile including your name, location, department, and finance or cost codes. (If certain fields are not pre-populated, you can add that information to your user profile so it always shows up in your requests).

If you’re opening an order for someone else, add their name under Hiring Mgr. The Hiring Mgr. is the user that will receive notification when candidates are submitted. 

Vocabulary note: You may see different terms used in ManageRight if your company has different words to refer to orders, temporary workers, or temporary assignments (such as 'Requisition' or 'Contractor'). 

Use the drop down or magnifying glass to make sure that you are completing all required fields (noted with a red asterisk). In addition to standard fields like job title and start date, your order template may have fields that are unique to your company. If you aren't sure how to complete the order form, contact your program manager, or email for direction. 

Add a Job Title by clicking on the magnifying glass or selecting from the drop-down menu. Your company's job titles and descriptions are usually defined and pre-loaded by your HR department. 

In addition to the formal job title, you may see an open description or additional description box where you can add more details, requirements, or preferences that are specific to this order.

Update the number of positions, assignment start date, and work schedule. If you don’t change the end date, the assignment length will usually default to 90 days. Either choose a work schedule or start time and end time.

You may also see the option to select suppliers (staffing agencies) or a preferred supplier list. These are the approved companies that will be notified when you submit your order.

You can use the Former Employees or Requested Candidates fields to enter orders for specific people.

Click Next to move to Step 2: Financials.  (your order will be saved as a draft once you click Next)

Your financials page may vary depending on your company setup. Some companies use a formal rate card for all positions, while others have open fields where managers are required to rely on their own budgets and project scope to establish their own hourly rates.

You may see some rates already populated, or open fields where you can enter specific rates. This screen is used to provide the recruiters financial guidance about your position with either salary/pay guidelines or all-in rates or rate ranges. 

A charge rate or bill rate means the same thing in ManageRight and refers to the all-in, fully-loaded cost (in other words, worker pay plus agency markup).

Click Next to move to Step 3: Requirements

The Requirements page will show the basic pre-assignment onboarding requirements for all temporary workers assigned to your company. You can click Next to accept these requirements, or add more requirements including specific skills or experience.

The final screen will include an estimated spend based on the number of positions, rate, and date range you entered.

Click Submit to complete your order. After you submit your order, it will go through an approval process (if required) at your company. Once approved, the suppliers you selected will receive an automatic notification that your order is open! The manager listed on the order will receive notifications as candidates are submitted. 

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