Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) is a global Vendor Management, Managed Services company that uses over 680 staffing suppliers worldwide, supporting 5 continents and over 150 client brands: DWSWorldwide.com

Your company’s temporary staffing agencies and workers are managed through an MSP (Managed Service Provider). The temporary labor MSP is Distinctive Workforce Solutions. 

The MSP uses a VMS (Vendor Management System) to manage all aspects of the temporary worker process from request (order) to onboarding, including payroll and invoicing, and off-boarding of temporary workers. Your company’s VMS is ManageRight

DWS is the management and service company (MSP). ManageRight is the software (VMS).

ManageRight gives companies a uniform process for requesting new temp workers, approving temporary worker time, and paying staffing vendors, along with better visibility to temporary worker activity and spend across the company. VMS systems also provide reporting and business intelligence about a company's temporary workers.

Through a “vendor neutral model”, Distinctive Workforce Solutions generally does not compete with staffing agencies to fill orders. Rather, DWS works to pair companies with the right staffing partners who can provide the highest quality and lowest risk temporary workforce, at the best possible price. All suppliers participating in DWS vendor management programs are considered to be customers as well.

DWS will provide your company a unique support email address, or you can reach DWS at dwssupport@dwsworldwide.com or support@manage-right.com