When staffing agencies receive your approved order, they will submit candidates directly into ManageRight for you to review. 

These candidate submittals may also be referred to as ‘bids’. 

For each candidate submitted, you will get an email notification from ManageRight. Click on the email link that says ‘Click here to access Manage Right Software’. This link will log you into ManageRight and will take you directly to the candidate page. 

IMPORTANT: These email links only work one time. If you try to access the system using the link a second time, it will take you to the login screen. If you forward the email link, the recipient will be able to log in to ManageRight as you. Click links or delete to disable them before forwarding.

You can also view a list of your candidates by going to Temp Orders > Candidates > Submitted.

Select a candidate name to go to the Candidate Details page, or scroll to the right to find a quick actions button to take action on a list of candidates.

The candidate details page includes the candidate name, proposed bill rate, comments, and a link to the resume. 

You may also see a section for additional documents (CV, cover letters, creative portfolios) and the recruiter's response to any specific position requirements you have entered in your order.

Toward the top right of the candidate screen, you will see possible actions, such as Request Interview and Approve for Hire.

Select Request Interview to request an in person or phone interview. When you complete the interview request form below and click Save, the staffing agency will get an automatic email notification of your request. 

Use the comments or instructions box to add important interview details (for example, park in visitor parking, bring two copies of your resume and ask for John Smith at reception…Or, call Sarah Jones at 323-333-3333). 

The staffing agency can respond by confirming the interview, declining, or requesting a different time. The requests can go back and forth until either side confirms. The ManageRight interview emails include an attachment that you can use to populate your calendar with a reminder. The number and type of interviews is up to you in consultation with your HR/Talent Dept. 

You can also Reject candidates, place them on Hold while you wait for additional resumes, or place them in a Shortlist so you can easily find your favorites. 

Each of these options allows you to provide comments to the staffing agency to give them insight into your decision. The most important thing you can do as a hiring manager in this process is to provide detailed comments to the staffing agency to help them find the right candidate for you. Please do not reject a candidate without providing a reason and comments. 

After you make a hiring decision, select Approve for Hire

When you select Approve for Hire on a candidate, you can add a comment about your preferred target start date, or any other instructions to the program manager and staffing agency. The status of your order will change to Awarded, and all other candidates will be marked as unsuccessful and the agency recruiter will automatically be notified. If your order has more than one open position, the order will stay Open for Bids until the final spot is Awarded.

Approve for Hire is the signal to the staffing agency to extend an offer and start any pre-assignment (onboarding) requirements such as a background check, drug screen, or required paperwork. Pre-assignment requirements vary by company, and are usually determined by your HR department in consultation with security and IT. 

If the candidate accepts the position (or is expected to accept), DWS or your company program manager will formally assign the worker by creating an Award. Your order status will change to Contracted, and be closed.

The Candidate (Bid) becomes an Award (Resource/Contractor).

This Award may automatically be activated, or instead go into a Pending Onboard status if pre-assignment requirements are not met. 

Once the staffing supplier or program manager completes all pre-assignment requirements, the Award will change status to Active. This triggers a note to the worker with login credentials for entering timesheets.

Your company policy may be different, but generally, new temporary workers should not be confirmed to start until they are Active in ManageRight.