Temporary worker assignments are by definition only for a fixed period of time. Your company may have a defined process for how and when temporary workers should exit the organization, such as a maximum assignment length for temporary workers (tenure rule). The guide below is focused primarily on the system steps to update the assignment status in ManageRight. You should contact your HR department, or DWS if you have specific questions about your company's policies or practices.

As a reminder, your company may use a different term to refer to refer to temporary assignments, such as Contractor or Award or Temporary Resources.

You should not assume that by updating the status in ManageRight that your supplier will know that they need to contact a current temporary worker to inform them of an assignment ending. You may also need to notify the supplier and DWS of the change in status, and your specific preference about how and when the assignment should be ended. 

However, instead of sending a separate communication, you can use the Comments section when closing an assignment to provide instructions. Before relying on ManageRight alerts to communicate your preferences and instructions, it is recommended that you notify a supplier that they must pay attention to alerts from ManageRight, including any notes and instructions you have included.

To END an assignment, you can go to My Contractors from your Home page, or go to Contractors in the main menu. If you are viewing a list of your active assignments, you can scroll to the right for an Actions button that will include the option to End.


You can also select any Contractor number to see their assignment details page, where you'll see the option to End under Workflow Actions.

Complete the End form by selecting an End Type, a specific End Reason, and a Rehire Status. You may also be asked for a rating and comment. These notes will be visible to the supplier, but not the worker. 

Below are some general guidelines that DWS uses for the End Type and Rehire Status fields to make sure we are data has consistent meaning across your company. (The specific End Reasons will be more detailed and specific to your company.)

End Type


The assignment ended because the work is complete, and work AND worker were satisfactory.


The client (you) made the decision to end the assignment (for any reason other than the assignment is completed)


The worker made the decision to end the assignment (for any reason)

Rehire Status


This worker can return to any client location.


This worker should not return to this client location and role (please include comments). Possible consideration with review for other location or role.


Blacklist: This worker should not return to any client location in any role (please include comments)

 *A rehire status of DNU (Do Not Use) is usually reserved for workers that should be prevented from ever returning for any reason. ManageRight will use a DNU flag to attempt to identify the worker if they are submitted in the future as a candidate to the same company.

When you click Save, the Award status will update to the End Type you selected (Terminated, etc) and the Supplier will receive a notification. 

As noted above, in addition to updating ManageRight, you may also need to notify your IT department or location security to terminate building or network access. 

You should always refer to your company's specific policy or process documents, and consult with your HR department or DWS if you need guidance on how to handle temporary worker terminations, however, below are some general guidelines.

Although some notice to your temporary worker and their agency about the planned end date is appreciated, it is not always required or appropriate. Where notice is not appropriate, or where circumstances make direct communication with the employee problematic, it is reasonable and common to have the agency end the assignment after business hours on the last day (so that the worker is offsite). It is standard practice to allow all communication about the assignment end date to be handled by the agency employer. Depending on your company process, DWS can help you coordinate this communication or you can coordinate directly with the agency employer.

If your contractor logs directly into ManageRight to enter timesheets, make sure your temporary worker has submitted their final timesheet before you close their assignment. Once you End/Close the Award, the worker will not be able to submit timesheets. If ManageRight is interfacing with your timekeeping system, generally closing an Assignment in ManageRight will automatically terminate timeclock access. Contact DWS for your company's specific timekeeping setup for temporary workers.