ManageRight uses Change Orders or Change Requests to update worker assignments with new end dates, or to approve rate changes. 

You can submit a change request by going to the Award (or Resource) page.

Click on Awards/Resource# and select Active.

Select the number below Active to open a list of all your active workers, and select the Award/Resource#.

Toward the top right of the Resource/Award Details page select Create Change Order.

Enter the Change Order Type and click Next.

Update the Change Order Details on Step 2 (such as the new end date).

Review the Change Order and then select Submit.

The approval required on a change request will normally be the same as on the original temp order.

Refer to your internal temporary policy guide, or contact your HR department if you are unsure of how long you may extend a temporary worker assignment. Most companies have a tenure policy limiting contract assignments to 12 months or less.

In some companies, if your temporary worker reaches their assignment end date without an approved end date, they may not be able to submit time sheets, or they may lose badge and IT/network access.