ManageRight includes many canned reports, dashboards, and graphs, and a powerful custom report building tool. Follow the steps below to run or build basic reports. 

What you can see in ManageRight is usually determined by your 'Role' and the permissions associated with that role. You will almost always be able to see your own orders and temporary workers, but you may not be able to see other information in your organization unless you have a specific role. If you can't see your own worker data, or you need to see more information from your company, contact DWS support. 

Click Reports in the main menu to see a complete list of canned reports. Use the search filter under Report Name to find a specific report type. Select any report name to start the report and enter any filters/search parameters. Most reports require at least one filter (such as a date range, department name, or client name). Click Search to run the report. Note: Date Effective is equivalent to a payroll week ending.

After your data appears, you can use the Show / Hide Columns button to limit which items you see. There is also a column specific dynamic search box at the top of each column to help isolate specific items.

Use the export buttons toward the top right to export into a pdf or Excel file. Select Search Again to start over with the same report.

Select the Star icon to the right of a report to add it to your Favorites list under Reports. Your favorites will be visible to other users within your company.