All ManageRight client and supplier users have the ability to build and schedule delivery of their own custom reports.

Select Create New and Ad Hoc Report from the main menu.

All Ad Hoc reports start with a fundamental report category (Awards, Assignments, Timesheets, Candidates, Invoices etc). Select the most relevant category to show available fields for building a custom report. 

For example, a procurement or HR manager may wish to know how much money is spent with each agency. Select the appropriate base category. This will display specific fields related to that category.

Give your report a custom name. The Fields to See will become your report columns. Highlight Fields to See on the left and use the Add/Remove buttons to add them to your report on the right. Add at least one Field to Sort to tell the report how to order/sort your data when it's presented. Select Next. (selecting Available for Company will make this custom report visible to all users within your company)

Choose how the report data is sorted (for example A to Z, or oldest to newest). Select Next (Run) to save and run the report once. Select Next (Schedule) to save and scheduled the report for repeated delivery.

Enter any additional report parameters/filters, and select Run Now or Schedule.

Choose the first delivery date, and delivery frequency. For Weekly frequency, select a weekday. (To create a distribution email group in ManageRight for your company email DWS support).

To find your scheduled report return to the main menu, and select Reports and Ad Hoc. Use the control buttons on the right to run a current copy of the report (Green Arrow), edit, share, or reschedule the report.