Most temporary workers are eligible to be hired as full-time employees of your company after a certain period of time (referred to as conversion). Your staffing agencies will have a contract with your company or with DWS which will state the number of hours or days that a temporary worker must fulfill before conversion. Conversion prior to fulfilling these terms can still usually be done, but for a fee that usually goes down the longer the temporary worker is on assignment. 

If you would like to offer one of your temporary workers a full-time job, you should contact your internal HR team and DWS program manager BEFORE speaking to the worker, or their staffing agency. DWS with HR will be able to determine whether a fee applies, and whether it makes more sense to convert and pay a fee, or to wait until there is no fee.

After you have determined the fee amount (if any), work with your internal HR recruiters/talent team to have the temporary worker follow your company's application and hiring process. When you have a full-time start date confirmed, let DWS know the conversion date so that the temporary worker status can be updated in ManageRight to a full-time employee on the correct date. DWS can process any approved fee and include it in the next consolidated temporary labor invoice to your company.