As part of the managed service program, you will no longer submit an invoice directly to the client. 

Instead, a weekly invoice is generated automatically from the approved timesheets in Manage Right, and submitted by DWS directly to the client's accounts payable department on your behalf. 

IMPORTANT: Do not submit a duplicate invoice to the client or to Distinctive Workforce Solutions. This will create confusion and a risk of double payment.

The client will only pay the DWS consolidated temp labor invoice, and DWS will remit payment to you according to your contract terms. Contact DWS support to validate client specific payment terms. DWS typically remits payment to supplier partners within 5 - 10 days of payment from clients. 

After you receive a check or ACH/wire payment from Distinctive Workforce Solutions, you can use ManageRight to identify the employees, amounts, payroll weeks, adjustments, and other invoice details, so that you can apply payment in your own accounts receivable software. The remittance from DWS will also include the ManageRight specific invoice number that you can use to apply the payment to your own internal invoice. (DWS and ManageRight will not reference your own internal invoice numbers and will not respond or take action on invoices submitted from your company).

It is critical that each supplier reviews the DWS/ManageRight invoice weekly to ensure that the DWS/ManageRight invoice is a complete and accurate invoice for your supplier company. Notify DWS of any invoice errors immediately. The supplier is responsible for ensuring that all ManageRight employees, rates, and amounts are captured in each weekly invoice and for notifying DWS and the client of needed corrections. Note, adjustments made after an invoice close may be included in a following invoice as an adjustment, even through the are for a prior payroll week.

DWS typically generates invoices on Wednesday or Thursday. The invoice details reports and dashboards below are visible on Friday. It is critical that the process below is followed each.

To view approved invoice details, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to ManageRight
  2. Click on Reports (menu on left side of screen)
  3. In middle of screen , search & click on report name, "Supplier Invoice Details (Remittance)"
  4. Use search criteria to find the data you need (search by invoice date or invoice number)
  5. Click Search for the results
  6. Click on Excel icon or PDF icon to download the report


You can also view the invoice details in a dashboard overview..

Go to Financials > Invoices and select the number under Approved to display a list of approved invoices for that client along with the ManageRight specific Invoice number.

The dashboard page will include the invoice number, invoice date, and due date. It will also include tabs to display the individual timesheet details included in that particular invoice.