Entering a Timesheet for your Temp Workers

  1. Login to https://my.manage-right.com
  2. Click on the Create New button (Green button in top middle of screen)
  3. Look for Timesheet in the drop down and click
  4. Search for assignments using the criteria or just click search. Clicking search will list all assignments for your branch.
  5. Then, Click on your workers Assignment #
  6. Click on Create or Did Not Work for the Cost Schedule (this is the week ending for the week they worked)
  7. In the Details-Origtab enter times you worked and fill in all required fields
    • Delete row(s) if there a days you did not work
    • Add Row(s) if days you need to add
  8. Click Save
  9. When ready to submit. Scroll to right and click Submit
  10. In order to process you must click Submit again

This will send an email to the approver(s) of the timesheet. 

They will then be able to click on the link in the email and click approve twice to complete transaction.