If you created your own Adhoc report or one was shared with you, the below steps will show you how to get to that Ad Hoc report screen. If you need to create your own Ad Hoc report, see article on Building and Scheduling Custom Ad Hoc Reports

  1. Click on Reports arrow (menu on the right)
  2. Click on Ad Hoc in the drop down menu
  3. Find your report in the list
    1. Click Play button to run the last results search. 
      1. From the results. You can export the file or click search again to change the search criteria.
    2. Click pencil/paper "Edit" Icon to add or remove more columns, resort your results or change search criteria to produce different results
    3. Click trash Icon to delete that Ad Hoc complete. This can not be undone once deleted.
    4. Click Share icon to share results with another user
  4. Once Ad Hoc report is run, all users can export by clicking on the Excel or PDF icon in the upper right