Whether you are interviewing multiple candidates and approving them for hire, or simply accepting pre-qualified candidates as 'straight sends', the final step to formally activate a temporary worker assignment in ManageRight is to 'Award' the candidate the position. Depending on your company's preferred vocabulary, this step may be referred to as creating an Award, or something else such as Contractor, or Assignment

Regardless of the specific term used, the steps are generally the same and creating an assignment typically authorizes the worker to submit timesheets in ManageRight, or it may activate them in your time clocks.

To create an assignment, go to My Candidates on the Home page, or look at all of the Candidates in the main menu (under Requests/Orders).

Within a list of candidates, scroll all the way to the right to see the Actions button. The Actions include the option to Create Contractor (aka, Award, Assignment etc.). If a candidate is still in Submitted status and hasn't been Approved for Hire, you will see other options including Request Interview, Reject, and Shortlist. (If you don't see the option to create an assignment, your client setup or your user role may not allow for this option. Contact DWS support for assistance or questions)

If you are looking at a Candidate page, you will see the option to create an Assignment under Workflow Actions. You can also create an assignment by going to Create New > Assignment and searching for the candidate by name.

After you select Create Contractor, carefully review all of the relevant fields including cost codes, assignment dates, and rates. If you are satisfied with the assignment details, select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on your company's on-boarding process and workflow, the assignment status may automatically show Active, or it may show something else such as Pending On-board or Pending Review if there are pre-assignment steps that the supplier or worker need to complete before the worker may be confirmed to start.

An active assignment may trigger an interface into your timekeeping system, or it may trigger a ManageRight username and password to be generated for that worker to create and submit ManageRight timesheets. In ManageRight, the hiring manager on the assignment will be the default timesheet approver unless another manager, or delegate approver is assigned. 

An individual may be an activate candidate for multiple orders, but they should only have one active temporary worker assignment at any time. After an Assignment is complete (or when a contractor resigns or is terminated), you should update the ManageRight status by ending the Assignment. See: How to End a Temporary Worker Assignment