Staffing Suppliers users, including recruiters, admins, and payroll staff can create access for new staff members that will support a client in ManageRight. After supplier users are created, email DWS to have these new users associated to specific clients so that they can view job orders, assignments, timesheets etc. for that client.


To add a new supplier user to ManageRight: 

  1. Click on Create New (button in middle of screen), then click on User
  2. Enter your staff member's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Location in drop down and any other required fields. Please provide detailed contact information where possible, including Mobile Phone numbers.
  3. *** make sure to Click the Email Account Info. box - this will send them a welcome email (2-3 hours to process)
  4. Click Save
  5. Email the DWS program team to have the customer/client added to that new users profile.