ManageRight is designed to help clients manage a large and complex contractor workforce. Many clients operate large sites that use thousands of temporary workers per year provided by several staffing agencies, and it's common for workers to return to client locations for multiple assignments. Occasionally, these assignments end on bad terms, and the client understandably wants to prevent certain workers from returning.

ManageRight can help clients and the MSP track and prevent ineligible workers from being re-assigned by using DNU flags (DNU = Do Not Use). 

How does the DNU functionality work in ManageRight?

When a client manager ends an assignment in ManageRight, there is an optional performance review section, including the opportunity to designate whether a worker is eligible for rehire (Yes/No). (see user guide: How to End a Temporary Worker Assignment) Selecting "No" would suggest that a worker's job performance was unsatisfactory, however, that there were not necessarily other factors that would make that worker prohibited from returning. 

There is a third option: DNU (sometimes referred to as DNR or Do Not Return).  Assigning a DNU flag to a temporary worker is typically reserved for behavior or work performance that a client considers unacceptable, intolerable, unsafe, or even criminal. It's designed to serve as a confidential warning and confidential record of the risks associated with engaging a certain worker. It should always be accompanied by a clear comment explaining the reason for the DNU flag. Although use of a DNU designation should be taken seriously, it can be used as often as needed, especially in environments where multiple agencies may (unknowingly) recycle banned workers.

The Do Not Use assignment Rehire Status is visible to the supplier and client. Specific comments entered in association with a DNU flag are only visible to services (MSP/DWS) users, and only the MSP can disable a DNU flag.

How does ManageRight match worker records that contain a DNU flag?

ManageRight uses the social security number field to identify matching workers. If the value entered in the SSN field matches another record with a DNU flag, it will identify the match regardless of the name used and regardless of the supplier submitting the worker for assignment. If the SSN does not match, ManageRight will not identify a DNU flag match, regardless of whether there is a name match. However, DNU flags are client specific. A DNU flag for one client company will not prevent assignment to another client company.

Candidates with a DNU flag that are re-submitted to the same client will be prevented from re-submission with a system error.

Important: Candidates with a DNU flag that are submitted by a DIFFERENT supplier for the same client can still be submitted AND assigned, but ManageRight will warn the MSP that a DNU Flag has been identified. This provides the MSP an opportunity to review the matching records to determine whether the new submitted candidate is the SAME person, or a different person.

The DNU flag is not a substitute for adequate facility security, clear communication about rehire policy, and appropriate screening from staffing agencies. However, it can provide another piece of information to enhance a client's and MSP's ability to ensure that only eligible associates are returning.

Staffing Suppliers should clearly understand a client's policy for returning workers, and also how a client defines rehire eligibility (and when a DNU Flag would be appropriate). Staffing Suppliers should also be trained on how ManageRight will assist the client and MSP to enforce that policy.

Here are general guidelines to follow when closing assignments to make sure that ManageRight is capturing consistent data across your company:


End Type
CompletedThe assignment has reached the expected end date. The work is complete, and the worker's performance was satisfactory (or better). Indicates a positive outcome.
TerminatedClient made the decision to end the assignment before its expected end date (for any reason other than the assignment is completed), not necessarily a negative outcome.
ResignedWorker made the decision to end the assignment before the expected end date (for any reason), not necessarily a negative outcome.

Rehire Status
YesCan return to any client location in any suitable role.
NoShould not return to this client location and role (please include comments). Possible consideration with review for other location or role.
DNUProhibited from returning: Should not return to any client location in any role (please include comments)

How to assign a DNU flag:

To assign a DNU flag when ending a temporary assignment in ManageRight, select Do Not Use in response to the question Would you rehire?


When the client chooses “Do Not Use” for the Would you rehire? field, a DNU record is automatically created on the worker’s profile, specific to that client, and that worker will not be allowed to be submitted by that supplier to any requests for that client. The rehire status and a link to DNU Flag details will be visible to the MSP (DWS users) on the worker's user profile.

The DNU Flags link provides additional detail including comments, the flagging manager, and the restricted client. It also includes the option to manually add a DNU Flag (if not created automatically when an assignment is ended).

DNU records cannot be deleted, only deactivated. For a worker to be submitted to a request for that client once again, the DNU record must be deactivated by setting the Enabled field to “No” to deactivate the record. DNU Flag comments cannot be deleted, but additional comments can be added. 

If the supplier attempts to submit the same candidate to another order for the flagged client, the supplier will get a general error, or a notification about eligibility.

In some instances, the same disqualified worker may attempt to return to a client location by signing up with another staffing agency.  Every staffing agency recruiter should be asking about work history, and especially work history for a specific client. If a worker states that they have previously been assigned to a client, that staffing agency must contact the MSP and Client to confirm eligibility for rehire (if the assignment was not through their staffing agency).

Although the ManageRight DNU Flag is connected to a specific supplier and client record, it can still assist to prevent re-assignment. As long as the social security number matches, it will identify a match from another supplier, even if a different name is usedMSP users will have visibility to potential matches and can review with the supplier to confirm the identity of candidates.