If your client requires proof of certain requirements to be met prior to an assignment starting (such as a background check), then your assignments may show a Pending Onboard status before they are Active. 

Generally, new assignments should not begin until the status shows active, unless your client explicitly allows for a start with pending requirements. Most requirements can be completed by the supplier. 

Your assignments with pending requirements can be found on the home page under My Inbox > Pending. Select the Assignment Onboarding link to see a list of assignments with pending requirements.

To view the Assignment page, select any Assignment #. In the Assignment Details page scroll down to the On / Off Board Requirements section and select the option to Edit.

In the On / Off Board Requirements section, you can update the Requirement status from "Not Met" to "Completed". For Requirements that include a document, scroll to the right to view the Upload button.

To complete the document requirement simply update the Status to "Completed", and attach the document. Ensure that the document is visible to the right people, and select Save. Be sure to include the expiration date if your client policy dictates that a document's validity expires after a certain period of time (for example, a background check may only be good for 6 months). *Depending on the client's setup and document type, an expired document may or may not change the Assignment status back to Pending Onboard, which signals to all that the document must be updated.

Documents uploaded in the Assignment Requirements section will also be visible automatically in the worker's User profile. From the Assignment page, select the employee's name to access the User page (the User page is like a permanent record that will show all candidate submittal and assignment history, including documents).

In addition, if you have already attached requirement documents to a worker's User profile, then the Assignment should skip the "Pending Onboard" status and automatically go to "Active", as long as the document type matches (if the requirement specifics a 'Compliance' document type, you must attach a "Compliance" document, for example). 

When all requirements are "Completed" the Assignment status will automatically change to "Active". The change to Active status may also send an email to the worker with account information for ManageRight and is a signal to all that the worker has met all pre-assignment requirements and can be confirmed to report for work.