Managers will need to know the Employees "Badge #" before performing these steps. Please consult with a support member if unsure. LINK: Article on Creating Assignments for temp workers in ManageRight.  

Employees Badges are created by managers creating assignments in the ManageRight VMS system. Once an assignment is created that Assignment # becomes the employeees "badge #". 

These next steps will show you the authorized manager how to enroll the employees finger in the clocks so they can begin using the clocks:

Screen shots below may look different in your configuration.

  1. Click on "Manager Login" Button on screen
  2. Use the Manager badge ID & password. You can also place finger on bio scanner, if previously registered. If unsure please contact your DWS Program team.
  3. After manager password entered, system will take you to Manager Mode screen. Click on "Enroll Finger"
  4. Enter the "Employee Badge" (typically the ManageRight Assignment # and or last 4 of employee SSN)
    1. Note: Make sure the employee has an "Assignment #" created in ManageRight and that information typically transfers to the clocks every 2-3 hours. If not in the clocks the employee will not be able to get registered until that time.  
  5. Choose a finger to enroll by selecting the finger on the screen. We recommend using the index, middle or thumb fingers (either hand) when enrolling. Also recommend each employee has the max 2 fingers registered.
  6. Place the finger three times to register the biometrics into the system.
  7. Place finger a fourth time to confirm the finger is registered. Once completed the below screen will show. 
    1. Note: Clock will then ask if you would like to register another finger. We recommend to register another finger on a different hand for all employees.
  8. Finger enrollment accepted and clock will ask if you would like to register another employee fingerprint (select yes or no). 
    1. No will allow you to go back and allow that employee to start punching procedure.