In this article we will show a supplier how to find a particular temp employee and view the workers assignment details.

The assignment details page of ManageRight will show:

  1. Timesheet overview by week ending and links to those timesheet pages to view full details.
  2. Pay rates & bill rates along with the historical changes (increase/decrease) and dates changed
  3. Titles, Cost codes, hiring managers, timesheet approvers, work site address, milestone tracking, etc. 
  4. Can even submit a timesheet or end an assignment from this page.

To locate the assignment, supplier must first:

  1. Hove then Click on word "Assignments", found in the menu located on left side.
  2. Click on "Search" (tab in middle of page)
  3. Use search criteria to filter out details to find specific data needed, Click search when ready
  4. From here the results will list, just click on the Assignment # of that specific worker, you can also export this page in excel if wanting to report on this.
  5. This will now give you the workers "Assignment Details" page with all relevant and historical information for the specific employee.