As part of the continued improvement of the ManageRight application, we will be deploying a substantial upgrade which will improve the look and feel of the system and speed up the process for creating requests. When you log into ManageRight starting in January 2020, you may notice some new features and functionality. 

The actual training for the new version should be minimal – there are UI changes, some new ways to navigate, a grid feature that allows for customizing views of data, and some new abilities when creating requisitions. However, please contact your team at DWS if you have any questions or want training on the new ManageRight experience.

Benefits of ManageRight change

  • A simpler, faster and more intuitive requisition process 
  • Quicker system navigation with fewer clicks 
  • New and improved look and feel


What specific changes can I expect?


  • ·User Interface (system look and feel) improvements


You will immediately notice we’ve updated colors, icons and added new buttons enabling quicker and more intuitive system navigation. 


Beyond the look and feel, we have re-engineered the technical framework of the application to improve performance, which you will notice with the reduced page load times.


  • Less clicks to get things started and Faster Navigation


All the “Create New” functions can be actioned from a new green button centered at the top of every screen, meaning few clicks to complete common tasks. Those functions will be removed from the left-hand menu. 



•Action buttons are now pinned to the bottom bar of the page – you no longer have to scroll through the application looking for the action button.


  • Timesheet controls are new


Timesheets include new controls for entering hours and break times.


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  • New grid features

Grid features include sorting, filtering, pinning or dragging and dropping columns and much more. On top of that, it remembers your preferences the next time you visit that page. This new feature will allow you to:

Sort and/or filter columns

Pin columns to left or right

Resize or reorder columns

Hide columns

Experience quicker loading time

Sticky functions – your grid remains as you left it, including filtering, sorting, column order and visibility

Export to CSV or Excel file

Sort multiple columns at once

Clear all settings with one click


  • Quicker requisitions using recently created requisitions or saved requisitions


To speed up the request process, as a Hiring Manager, you will be able to copy a request from a list of your 10 most recent requests. 


Plus, you will be able to save requests to a “My Saved Requests” group. This will allow you to copy common requests, which can be easily modified if necessary, with new dates automatically applied.




Before submitting a request, you will have the option to add it to your "My Saved Requsitions" list 




When creating a new request, the request previously saved shows in the list 

  • Skip to submit button 

If all the required information is complete on the initial request screen, as a hiring manager, you can select the ‘Skip to Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen to fast track straight to the review/submit step.