New Employees

Will get email from Kronos with your login and must change their password on a computer first

  • Must reset password within 24 hours or system will lock them out.
  • Only a DWS system administrator can unlock, the 24-hour rule applies again.
  • If not receiving the email, go to ____ <-ASK DWS REP FOR YOUR WEBSITE URL
    1. Enter username given to you & Password1!

Mobile Setup

Mobile Application is the preferred method for punching. Employee will need a phone

Website punching is available through link provided in the email. Only use this if no cellphone is available. 

  1. Download the app from a phone’s app store. Must download the “UKG Ready” Mobile app only. All other apps will not work.
  2. Settings to use for Setup:
    1. Select Region: North America
    2. Company Shortname type: ______<--ask DWS program manager
  3. Login with Username emailed to you and password already changed from a computer
  4. Virtual Code Authentication: input a mobile device or email to receive a 6-digit code.
  5. Input that code for access into the system.

Mobile Punching

Once logged in on the UKG/Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile application, employees can begin punching in or manually inputting hours for manager approval once the week ends.

  1. Click on Clock button to do a “Quick Punch”. This will just enter a punch for you and determine if it is an IN or OUT based on your last entry.
  2. You can click on the view timesheet button to see your time.
  3. To edit time, click on the Date and then FROM or TO fields to edit your timesheet.
  4. Must click Save when finished.
    1. Submit at the end of the week when all time is done and ready for approval.