DWS team will import timesheets for a supplier if not captured in the clocks. Supplier must first fill out the import file and email to DWS program management via team email. 

***Populate the following columns in the attached Excel, and send back to your program team email

  1. Last name, first name (as it appears in ManageRight, see below)
  2. HIP number from ManageRight (see instructions below to find)
  3. DWS will provide this
  4. Provide Day Worked
  5. Leave Blank
  6. Total hours per day

To Find Name & (HIP) Candidate ID # for file:

  1. Login to https://my.manage-right.com
  2. Click on User icon (menu on left)
  3. Search for a candidate in the fields available.
  4. Input the EXACT SPELLING of Name found and Customer ID #for that worker into spreadsheet along with the day and hours you want imported.
    1. Note: If a timesheet was already entered and invoiced for that week ending, this will not work. An adjustment form will need to be emailed to DWS so they can fix dates manually and submit for approval.