Importing Total Time hours in Kronos

**NOTE: the employees timecard for that week must not be locked, this is used for payroll. 

Usually, DWS locks the timecards the Monday after week is worked. This is so no changes can be made after time is approved

Login to Kronos. (if unknown ask a DWS rep)

**The user must have a company administrator security profile to perform the actions below. Check with DWS if not an admin.

File Format

  1. Use the below sample import and save in excel as a .csv file type.
  2. **Make sure to keep header vocab the same

Last name, First name

Employee ID


Pay Date


Total Time

Employee, Test






Employee, Test












Import File into Kronos

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Imports > Time & Attendance Data
  2. Click on Time Entries
    1. Input type: CSV
    2. File to upload: choose saved file
    3. File Pre-Processor Name: Leave Black
    4. Click Import or Test (if you want to see if file produces any errors)