In this video we will demonstrate how to review candidates on your orders. 

you can review candidates by taking the following Actions to a candidate submission directly on your request in ManageRight.


CREATE ASSIGNMENT: if the candidate started working already or plan to start immediately. Create assignment allows workers to submit timesheets. Make sure to fix the start date before saving

INTERVIEW: if hiring manager wants to request and interview. Staffing Supplier will have to confirm the interview after the request is made

HOLD: if hiring manager is not ready to hire and wants to send feedback to the supplier. this will allow comments and emails to communicate in that action.

SHORTLIST: if hiring manager is not ready to interview but wants this/these candidates to be on the list for next interviews or next to be hired.

APPROVE FOR HIRE: sends note to supplier that this person is approved and to begin the onboarding process first before they can start.

REJECT: if hiring manager does not like the candidates presented, this can provide a reason and comments on that submission.