1. Click on Device Menu button (lower left side)
  2. Click on Maintenance Mode Icon and enter password 115190, then click enter.
  3. Click Settings > Communication Setting > Wi-Fi
  4. Make sure the Wi-Fi is on by toggling the On/Off Toggle in the upper right
  5. Find & Click on your available Wi-Fi Network name in the list
  6. Click Connect to Network
    1. If password required, click on password field to begin entering using the keyboard that will display.
  7. Optional, Click Advance options. Only used if need to change Proxy or DHCP/Static IP settings.
    1. Proxy Settings can be manually entered.
    2. IP Settings can be changed to Static to allow an IP address, Gateway, and DNS settings to be entered.
  8. Click Save when done

After the Wi-Fi setting is turned on, it is recommended to reboot the clock so it can go through all system start functions. To Reboot the clock:

  1. From Maintenance Mode Menu,
  2. Click on Advanced > Restart Device.
  3. Click on restart device.

Then click yes and clock will immediately start reboot procedures